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An extension to ilikenewthings.com, the blog features articles, interviews, fashion, original art and all things new going on within NEWTHINGS. The NYC-based avant-garde art collective focuses on the juxtaposition of art and commerce exhibited harmoniously in a digital platform. Founded by childhood friends, visual artist and designer, Edwin Bolta and graphic designer, Ricardo Reyes, aim to create a lifestyle brand through a variety of original product. The company also serves as a creative agency that helps to establish brands through various branding outlets. The agency has gained a reputation through the digitally illustrated portraits by founding partner Edwin Bolta. The artwork depicts the subject’s expressions captured throughout a photographed interview process. Mr. Bolta has created digital portraits of many prominent figures in the art and design industry, including Artist and Graphic Designer, Craig Redman; Artist, Dustin Yellin; Artist, Awol Erizku; Owner of Gering & Lopez Gallery, Sandra Gering; Artist and Owner of the Hole Gallery, Kathy Grayson; and owner of Eli Klien Fine Art, Eli Klein.

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