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On October 30th NEWTHINGS® lanuches its new capsule collection, ‘Emergency Blanket,’available exclusively on The capsule’s lookbook and campaign brings together numerous NYC creatives including Mayan Raj of New York’s M5 Showroom as Art Director, Set Designer and Photographer, Cate Urena makeup artist, and Shawn Powers — PALACE skater and Artist — as lookbook and campaign model. ‘Emergency Blanket’ experiments with a variety of concepts Creative Director Edwin Bolta continue exploring across multiple platforms.

Lookbook featured on HIGHSNOBIETY
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NEWTHINGS in April’s print issue @papermagazine

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New York, New York – NEWTHINGS CREATIVE and Brooklyn-based Producer and DJ, Flex Lang, release “Sure Drive,” a mixtape that sums up your summer vibes. It is about the feeling of youthful transgression and naïve excitement combined with a dark side. “It is about this feeling that you get when you first meet someone that you like; a summer romance; the idea of staying out all night, dancing, talking, sleeping in your car while waiting for the next morning’s train; sneaking them into your parent’s house; thug shit with heart, says Edwin Bolta, Creative Director of NEWTHINGS, when explaining the inspiration behind the mix.

The process of creating this mixtape came about after Flex Lang created the sound scape for NEWTHINGS F/W 2015 presentation last February. “I had a great time working with them so it was a no brainer when NEWTHINGS reached out to see if I was interested in working with them on another project. Their idea was to create a mixtape for the summer, but that it had to be different from a regular DJ mix,” says Flex Lang. The two sent each other music they were excited by, hung out and spoke about music, and the overall feeling they hoped to create from the mix. Flex Lang then took these ideas and refracted them through his own sensibilities and process to create the final product.

The mix snapped into focus after combining the elements of a DJ Mix with Sound Collage to create a piece that implies a sense of narrative. It was the combination of music, field recordings, recordings of the NYPD Special Operations and Traffic Division, and a few other sound sources to realize the mix. “I chose music pulling from the scope of my musical interests, and tried to ignore the typical DJ rules of having to play the newest freshest coolest tunes, and instead chose songs that I had a strong emotional connections to some of which were new discoveries, but some of which I’ve been listening to for years,” says Flex Lang.

The mix begins in a moment of calm then plunges the listener into a wash of confusion and agitation and then slowly brings them to a resolution by the end. There are several moments in the mix that feels as if the listener is waking up from a dream only to find themselves someplace they had never been, then waking up again to the same experience, like a set of Russian dolls. “We encouraged Flex Lang to take elements of some of other tracks that we were interested in including and either remaking them as new pieces of music or editing and combining them with other musical ideas floating around,” says Edwin.

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NEWTHINGS FW15 Featured in BULLETT Magazine
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NEWTHINGS CREATIVE teams up with the most exciting up-and-coming NYC-based sonic artists to bring you — NEWTHINGS TRABAJO 2.0.

TRABAJO is a quarterly experience that combines performance, sound and visuals. In this installment of TRABAJO, we celebrate our good friend, AHARAW’s (Doom Dab) birthday.

Hosted by ANTWAN DUNCAN and LA’FEM LADOSHA featuring TO.BE’s first ever photo booth. Performance by THURMON GREEN; DJ sets by AHBS, Know-Wave Radio’s NELLEKE and A.E ZIMMER + MORE.

TRABAJO: The facets of passion & necessity

Please join us at Bacaro on Friday, March 27th at 11.45PM.

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10.16.14 – #NTTRABAJO

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We are pleased to announce the launch of our F/W14 NEWCIVILIZATION COLLECTION.Special thanks to our model Jay Boogie, Photographer Franny MIller and Makeup Artist Jacqui Pisano. Shop Now!

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Inspired by our own new Tumblr, the Aesthetics tee is born. #NEWTHINGS family exclusive. Stay tuned. #notforsale

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Because sometimes words aren’t enough, NEWTHINGS tumblr will make you feel it.

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SUP GUYS!… Recently we were fortunate enough to be part of a cool new project, FIRSTLOVE Magazine. Designer, Blogger and good friend Denise Lai recently launched FIRSTLOVE, a new quarterly magazine for the everyday cool girls around the world. The magazine is an extension to her popular Lifestyle Blog, SUPERWOWOMG. Now splitting her time between Hong Kong and Shanghai, Denise works fulltime on her blog, FIRSTLOVE magazine and also as a graphic designer. We can’t wait to see the future of FIRSTLOVE. Congrats Denise!



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The Innovative Line Features Neoprene and Jersey Mesh

BROOKLYN, New York, September 16, 2013 – NEWTHINGS, a Brooklyn-based avant-garde art collective, launches their F/W ’13 collection. The brand’s third collection, appropriately titled “Collection C,” focuses on the idea of NEWCLASSICS, which are classic silhouettes reworked in innovative materials. Unlike traditional companies, this season they experimented with supple calfskin leather, neoprene, a synthetic rubber material most commonly used for wetsuits, and jersey mesh, most commonly used in athletic uniforms, to create the collection. The juxtaposition of these three unlikely materials, further expand on the notion that everything is and can be intertwined. The result is NEWCLASSICS.

The collection features the following gender-neutral items: a black reversible calfskin leather/neoprene shopper; a black calfskin leather/neoprene clutch; a black neoprene/jersey mesh t-shirt; a black calfskin leather/neoprene snapback baseball cap; a black leather NEWTHINGS embossed key fob; a white 100% organic cotton ILIKENEWTHINGS t-shirt; and a 14” X 14” screen print of painting, Limon,by artist Edwin Bolta.

The digital campaign brings to life the concept of NEWCLASSIC by depicting three young, New York City-based, classically trained artists in their respective fields of visual art, music and dance. Each artist uses one of the products for everyday use, showing the reinvention of classics. It features visual artist, Victor Payares; opera singer, Jeffrey Palmer and ballet dancer, Daniela Schiliro. It was directed by NEWTHINGS and filmed and edited by Original Content.


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>Available Now.

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NEWTHINGS, Brooklyn-based avant-garde design firm and art collective, launches Collection B, for Summer 2013. Our second collection, Collection B, focuses on the idea of a seamless environment between work and play.
It is an artist’s ode to illustration and typography and the ability to get lost in the beauty of both.

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We just launched our new shop which features our first series of limited shirts. Check them out here. Enjoy!

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